Tongue Twisters

  Kids R Crazy

Say the following words 10 times really fast.

How did you do with Toy Boat?  If you did well, try the following tongue twister.

Say the following words 10 times really fast.

Hey, if you thought that was difficult, you should now try saying this one.

Also, try this next tricky tongue twister.

Try saying the following a few times.

If you like eating fish sticks, you may need to say the following 5 times very fast.

Try the following several times fast.

Also try the this one.  By the way kids, a wristwatch is a watch you where on your wrist.

I am not sure who this lady is, but her name sure is difficult to say 5 times quickly.

Don't fall in the water with these guys around.

Always remember that crime does not pay.  Even Crazy Kids are not thieves.

Now try some of the following.

Sorry, if all of this makes you crazy.

Kids R Crazy